Saturday, February 9, 2013

...........paper is soaking.............boards are dry and roll of tape and I just cleaned the palette!  Getting ready for a few "new" things!! :-)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Heritage Magnolia

............The name of this piece is "The Heritage Magnolia".  The original is 15 x 22 and I am offering a set of Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered prints.  The prints are of the same size as the Original and printed on 100% cotton, acid free Watercolor Paper to mimic exactly the Original Watercolor! The price of the prints are $159.95 for a limited time.  There is a $9.95 shipping and insurance fee for 1 to 12 prints.  After 12 prints, the price for shipping goes to $12.95.  Please message me on facebook for further information on these and other prints I am offering.  The website will be available shorty for you to shop on-line and see each print and original that is available.  The Original of  "The Heritage Magnolia" is available so private message me for details, print perks for purchasing my original work and pricing.

Print Pricing (15 x 22) = $159.95 (Limited Time Offer)

Shipping & Insurance Fee:
1 up to 12 Prints = $9.95
12 Prints and above Shipping goes to = $12.95

De Graaf's Giant Swallowtail Butterfly!

...........This piece is entitled "de Graaf's Giant Swallowtail".  This watercolor was taken from the original photograph from Bruce de Graaf in Massachusetts.  The original watercolor has been sold and has a new home with a collector in Mississippi.  There is a series of Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered prints on this piece and they are the same size as the original which is 11x14.  The prints are printed on 100% acid free, cotton-rag paper to look exactly like the original watercolor. The prints are available for $99.95 each with $9.95 for shipping and insurance.  As will all of my prints, there is a discount for multiple prints per order.  :-)

Print Pricing (11 x 14) = $99.95
Shipping & Insurance Fee = $9.95 we learn from others sometimes we forget that we actually teach.............sometimes without realizing it.  After my first posting of my work in series I was flooded with messages thanking me for showing the "Process".  I then get a message from a 12 year old young man in Portland, OR..........he showed me this newest watercolors..............and he told me that I was his teacher and asked me what i thought of his work! I was astounded by what he created and even more so that I had a hand in it as well.  So with that............I have now realized that even the slightest thing that you do can have a profound effect on someone that is watching and wanting to learn..............

The Owl Mimic Butterfly

Process From Beginning to End!

Here's a few sample pics of that will show the process from beginning to end!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012